When the healthcare infrastructure needed to provide quality of care for those needing assistance is inadequate or non-existent, Caregiver leadership must take bold steps to fill the void. 

The House of Possibilities (“HOPe) has taken a vigorous stance to establish innovative standards for care giving to children and adults with developmental disabilities and providing respite services for their families since it opened its doors in 2009.

We are the first respite facility of-it’s-kind on a college campus in the United States. Our unique partnership with Stonehill College provides outstanding experiential learning opportunities for approximately 200 students who may be studying in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, education and more. Additionally, we provide vibrant volunteer opportunities for a variety of groups, including Best Buddies of MA. 

We provide unparalleled, high quality services to children with challenges through community outings, social engagements and functional skills development. In addition, we provide critically needed weekend and overnight respite to their families; affording them a break from their round-the-clock care giving responsibilities.

HOPe’s highly qualified staff include professionals with an average of 5 years of experience working with special needs children in either public schools, residential settings, or clinical settings. The staff understands the needs of our special children and support and facilitate their participation in activities in the community. Our ability to retain qualified staff is exceptional with a demonstrated retention rate of 85% in 2015 for all our programs. 

HOPe meets the needs of the whole family by providing parents with time to rest and rejuvenate from the constant demands of caring for a child with developmental challenges, along with the comfort of knowing their children are being exceptionally cared for in a home-like structured environment. We are changing the paradigm of what support looks like for families.  We are finding a way to meet and exceed the needs of an under-served and most deserving population. Thank you for stepping up with us to provide creative solutions for special issues.  

Paula A. Kavolius

President, House of Possibilities

Paula is Founder and CEO of the House of Possibilities and leads the organization’s strategic planning and fundraising initiatives. Paula received her Bachelor of Science from the Carroll School of Management at Boston College, is a former Controller and Marketing Analyst, and brings more than 20 years of business experience to HOPe.

Previous speaking engagements:

  • 2012 National Lifespan Respite Conference in Baltimore, MD, Co-Presenter
  • 2013 National Lifespan Respite Conference in Boston, MA,
  • 2013 Presenter and Caregiving Homes Panelist
  • 2015 NPO Symposium (Storytelling and Philanthropy), Speaker
  • Featured in four local newspapers including most recently in the Huffington Post

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 Paula is available to speak on topics related to:

  • Starting up your non-profit organization
  • Importance of strategic planning to mission fulfillment in a start-up organization
  • Respite care as a support to strengthening families
  • Advocacy for families who have children with disabilities
  • Unique partnerships and innovative best practices in the field of special needs
  • Sharing her story of inspiration – the founding of HOPe