Meal Planning, Cooking, and Enjoying while Learning Together!

HOPe provides social skills opportunities while practicing valuable daily life lessons. HOPe provides opportunities to enhance social skills while practicing valuable daily lessons. The social nature of each session structured around meal preparation and cooking enables individuals to develop friendships and work collaboratively with their peers on common goals including planning a meal, shopping, food preparation and then sharing a meal in a group setting. Members of the group have the opportunity to improve in areas such as communication, decision-making, conflict resolution, self-advocacy, interpersonal skills, and self-organization.

Qualified staff spend time creating meal plans that integrate nutritional education. Aside from creating and cooking a meal, they discuss the important benefits of how food can support and heal the body. Monthly and weekly themes are created around the year, using local farm fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables. 

“I love seeing the faces of my group after cooking a meal. The accomplishments that stems from the hard work unfold each week is a true testament to the unfailing capability of each person desire to learn,” – Courtney Coan, Snack and Chat Program.