Due to the critical demand for respite services, our growth in number of families, hours, towns and programs has been outstanding.  At our beginning, we served only a few families from the immediate area of Easton, MA.  We now attract families who travel over two hours to utilize our services. Currently, we serve families from 83 cities and towns all throughout Massachusetts.

We are the only provider of in-house respite for children and families on a college campus in the United States and we continue to expand our mission with each coming year.  In 2015, we provided 54,000 hours of service to children and adults. In 2016, we provided over 60,000 hours of service for families.

Even one hour of respite care for your family can feel life-changing. Family caregivers who provide constant care for their loved ones are more likely to experience symptoms of depression or anxiety than those who do not serve in a caregiving role. Taking time out from caring for your child allows you to take a breath and focus on your own self-care and the needs of other family members. We believe that respite care is a necessity for families. With this belief in mind, we will never stop striving to grow our mission of HOPe and serve even more families in need.