HOPe Scholarship Program

We understand having a child with developmental disabilities has joys that far outweigh the challenges, but recognize the need for parents to rejuvenate as a necessity. We aim to lighten the heavy load of stress weighing on families by offering a place of respite at our house of HOPe.

We understand that considering respite or any other service for your family may be financially challenging, but we believe that everyone deserves love, compassion, hope and support. This should be offered to everyone, regardless of means.

Because of the generosity of our donors, we have established a scholarship program to benefit children and their families who may be facing unusual hardship.  If your family is experiencing unusual stress and/or financial hardship, please consider applying for a scholarship, by downloading, completing and returning our financial assistance form.  This scholarship fund based on financial means is available to help pay for our Children’s Programs such as our Vacation Week – Camp HOPe, Saturday Adventure Club, Hope Squad, Snack and Chat, Saturday Night Live, etc.

It is greatest desire to be a blessing to each and every HOPe family. Our home is open to everyone; all are welcome at HOPe.

“ Our scholarship has been of the greatest gifts my family has ever received. I am a working mother of three and am married to a disabled man. Thanks to HOPe, I am able to work longer hours on Saturdays knowing my son is safe and happy. Adventure Club has been the best experience in Tommy’s life. He asks on his Ipad to go and loves to socialize with his peers. I can’t thank everyone at HOPe enough!”

"We have admired the mission and goals of the HOPE organization from its inception. But it is their inclusion of an overnight stay program that has always hit a particularly soft spot in our hearts. Any one that is a parent knows how precious a quiet moment can be or the chance to sit down to a nice meal in a restaurant with one's partner. The parents of children with significant disabilities, the very ones that need it the most, rarely get the opportunity because of the very real challenges in finding appropriate coverage for their children. When they do find such support, it is often more expensive than the actual meal! That is why Lisa and I find this service so attractive and have channeled our energies to assist in its funding. May those outings offer that much needed time to family members to refresh and renew." – Dr. Rafael Castro