House of Possibilities Expands Its Overnight Respite Program; More Families in the Boston Metro Area to Benefit From Care


HOPe will Sponsor Free Additional Overnight Care for Families in Need Due to Fundraising Efforts

Easton, MA—July 25, 2014—House of Possibilities (HOPe), the organization that is creating a new paradigm in helping families with loved ones who are developmentally disabled, will expand its Overnight Respite Program to additional nights each month due to the generosity of its donor base.  More families in the Boston Metro area, who care for a family member with special needs, will benefit from overnight respite care. The additional offering is in response to the need for this service, and will serve as free care.

HOPe’s overnight program provides families with an opportunity for a night off from caring for their child with special needs.  “Our overnight respite program is an opportunity for a son or daughter to socialize in a kind and nurturing home-like environment while being active with their peers and highly qualified caregivers,” said Paula Kavolius, President and Founder, House of Possibilities.  “Overnight respite care is considered a true gift for a family who needs time off from caregiving and a chance to regroup from life’s daily challenges.”

The overnight respite program benefits children 8 years old to 21 years old and is licensed and managed by highly qualified fun-loving staff. The program includes 10 children a night for evening respite and will triple its growth to three nights a month.

“There are over 16,000 families with children between the ages of 4 and 16 with developmental disabilities in the Boston area alone, HOPe was created to support these families by providing respite services programs for children and adults,” said Paula Kavolius, Founder of the House of Possibilies. “I am a mother of a special needs child. Because of him, I have been inspired to open the House of Possibilities (HOPe), offering respite services to over 500 families from all over Massachusetts.”

About House of Possibilities

House of Possibilities (HOPe) is the organization that is creating a new paradigm in helping families with loved ones who are developmentally disabled. By providing much needed relief to families, HOPe offers a stimulating and nurturing environment for those who are in need. The House of Possibilities offers both day and weekend respite programs managed by highly qualified staff. Go to for more information.