The House of Possibilities, Inc. (HOPe) was envisioned as a result of the work previously done by the Volunteer Information Agency, Inc. (VIA). While this organization is no longer in existence, it originated in Milton, Massachusetts and provided emergency financial support to families of special children with developmental disabilities for over 35 years. The support available through VIA was typically a one-time opportunity to address a particular problem.

Paula Kavolius, a former board member of VIA, recognized a critical shortage of quality respite at an “in-house” program for families in need when she sought respite for her own child with special need. Caring for a special child is a round-the-clock, physically and emotionally exhausting responsibility. As time went on, Paula realized that helping individuals in crisis, although significant, was only a temporary patch in their consistently hectic lives. In addition, there was a great need for high-quality adult programming that would allow individuals to continue their education after high school and promote further independence.

In 2003, HOPe expanded its mission to build a facility to provide sustained relief from the intensive demands of caregiving for a significantly challenged child, teen, or young adult. In 2009, HOPe gained the support of Stonehill College through the grant of two acres of land on their Easton, Massachusetts campus, and opened the doors of the first and only multi-use facility on a college campus in the United States.

2018 Major Strategic Goals:

  • Organizational Focus is to continue to develop best practices to meet or exceed expectations of all persons served.

  • Financial Focus is to continue to develop strategies to sustain our premier multi-use, campus-based facility serving individuals with developmental disabilities today and for years to come.

  • Health and Safety Focus is to maintain healthy, safe, and clean environments that support quality services and minimize the risk of harm to persons served, personnel, and other stakeholders.

  • Programming Focus is to provide meaningful support and high quality opportunities to all clients served and to create an exceptional environment for growth and life fulfillment.

  • Children's Respite Focus is to offer critically needed weekend and overnight respite provided by highly trained professionals in a first class facility.