Home Away From Home

Since opening our doors in 2009, the House of Possibilities has become a bustling overnight respite and activity center for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Our home is a fully handicapped-accessible, 11,000 square foot facility uniquely designed to support the needs of those who breathe life into our home.

The first floor provides a communal living room space, state-of-the-art kitchen, laundry facility, family style dining area and administrative offices.

The second floor is our overnight respite facility for children. It offers four warmly decorated bedrooms with a total of ten beds, two bathrooms with accessible shower, and has a kitchen and living room to help our children learn independent living skills.

The basement level provides our guests with a myriad of options for recreation and socialization.  This includes a first class communal room equipped with projection system, an arts and crafts room, a handicap accessible gym, music area, and more.

Our home has a sense of aliveness and camaraderie that is unique all on its own. Come take a tour of our house we call, “HOPe.”

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“My child started with a need to develop many daily living skills like making his bed, doing laundry in the laundry facility and learning to cook in the beautiful, state-of-the-art kitchen.  Because of this uniquely designed facility, he is doing much more than we expected at HOPe,”Denise, a parent of HOPe.