Stonehill College – It’s a Win, Win, Win!

We have been blessed with an amazing opportunity of experiential learning for student volunteers at Stonehill College. This partnership provides immeasurable benefit to the students, individuals served, and organization. College students use knowledge from both classroom and volunteer experiences to better understand an issue or problem, while relating to the real life experience at hand. Each student benefits by experiencing an increased curiosity for learning while participating in social responsibility. We have witnessed the development of students advancing into caregiving professions as a result of their positive experience at HOPe. Additionally, we have assisted several students launch their own career paths with resounding success.

We are delighted to be a conduit in the development of Stonehill students' personal growth. Our children and adults receive immeasurable benefit experiencing life with typical peers in an integrated setting.
“The House of Possibilities is a special community partnership and we are proud of our affiliation with this wonderful provider of critically needed services. We are also pleased that our students intern and volunteer at the House of Possibilities and we know how much they learn and gain from the experience of serving the individuals and their families. Its founders showed determination, vision and creativity in building partnerships, with the Yawkey Foundation, Stonehill and others who have paved the way for this wonderful temporary home away from home for those with special needs. We look forward to making this partnership even stronger in the years ahead.” –Rev. John Denning, C.S.C. President, Stonehill College.

Internship Programs

The House of Possibilities collaborates with Stonehill College students from the Neuropsychology and Psychology departments for semester long internships. Internships are integral for preparing students for post-graduate opportunities, enabling each student at Stonehill College to hone a career path. Many students have advanced their education into caregiving professions including Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Special Education. Our partnership for internships from relatable fields including Neuropsychology, Psychology and Education.  Additionally, we have assisted several students launch their career paths with resounding success.

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Work Study Program

Our partnership with Stonehill College’s Work Study and student employment programs provide part-time employment for students, while bringing immense benefit of additional support to HOPe programming. Employment of Work Study students enhances the lives of both student and client as they benefit from experiential learning and companionship.

Best Buddies Program

“A friend is one that knows you as you are, understand where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still gently allows you to grow.” –William Shakespeare

We collaborate with Stonehill College to participate in the Best Buddies Massachusetts Colleges program. Best Buddies Colleges pairs people with intellectual developmental disabilities (IDD) in one-to-one friendships with college students, providing the opportunity for people with IDD to be involved in campus and community life.

Our highly qualified staff at the House of Possibilities identifies a ‘buddy pair’ based on interests and interviews. Our on-sight location at Stonehill College make it extremely convenient for friendships to prosper. Best Buddies participate at weekly events at HOPe along with seasonal events, ensuring that our adults at HOPe have a friend to socialize with. Not only has it brought friendship, where connecting to people can be challenging, but has formed life-long friendships for people who have IDD.

High Schools

Every year, we collaborate with local High Schools and invite young men and women who are eager to serve and learn to the House of Possibilities. Adults and children at HOPe enjoy socializing, games and learning through the eyes of a high school student. It is a privilege to partner with the following high schools and we are forever grateful for their gift of service to us.

St. Sebastian’s High School

Integral to their School’s mission, the Service Program lives the order of the day of loving God, working hard, and taking good care of another. By engaging directly with the people they serve, students understand the Gospel’s truth that to love God, one must love his neighbor, particularly neighbors who are most in need. By assisting adults and children with special disabilities, students learn that loving their fellow human being is right and just, and that humbly reaching out to others is an appropriate response to Jesus’ teachings.”

Since HOPe’s inception, St. Sebastian’s School has played a key role in our development. They selected HOPe during opening year for their Senior Service Program, that takes place in the Spring semester. Their Father/Son Spring Service project on a beautiful spring day, 65 father and son teams joined together to spread 80 yards of mulch, 20 juniper trees, 35 small bushes and various plantings.

Their Service Program concludes with the Senior Service Program. Beginning in mid-April, when non Advanced Placement coursework is complete, each senior is required to commit one hundred and fifty hours of service to a non-profit organization which serves needy members of the community. The work done at the placement site must involve consistent one-on-one contact.

Through weekly discussion groups, seniors are required to reflect upon the meaning of their experience, and to articulate those reflections in a final essay. At the conclusion of their service the entire senior class gathers in the Chapel to share their stories with one another and with the faculty. This morning of oral presentation often ranks among each senior’s finest hours. Since our opening, they have made an impact spending a semester each year providing valuable services for the people and facility of HOPe.

Xaverian Brothers High School

The House of Possibilities is pleased to partner with the Xaverian Brothers High School Leadership Institute which is a Servant Leadership retreat for Seniors that seeks to facilitate personal and communal reflection on the students’ primary relationships with God, self and others.

The Xaverian Leadership Institute is grounded in the Roman Catholic tradition and rooted in the mission statement of the Xaverian Brothers Sponsored Schools. Through formal presentations, experiential exercises, small group discussions and prayer experiences, students will be empowered to serve others as they discover their God given gifts and talents.

Through this program, each student will be empowered to grow as leaders of Christian service, justice and peace within the Xaverian and global community.  This experience is instrumental in enabling students to maximize and develop focus during their Senior Year.

For the past two years, Xaverian students come to HOPe during one summer day in August to assist staff with a variety of tasks including house cleaning, yard work, etc. Not only are we blessed to have such hard workers make the house look beautiful, but their arrival is one of the highlights for our clients every summer. We look forward to seeing them year after year!

Former Intern Quotes

“I first walked into the House of Possibilities during the fall of my senior year at Stonehill College.  I wanted the experience to work with a population that I had not been exposed to. As time passed, I developed a deeper relationship with HOPe and all those served. After my graduation from Stonehill College, I accepted a full time position and am now the Senior Developmental Specialist at HOPe. I am thrilled to be able to utilize my education and unique talents to further the mission of HOPe.” – Nick Rose
"During my internship at HOPe, I not only learned about working with children and young adults with developmental disabilities and all the administrative work behind the scenes, but I also learned a lot myself. It was an amazing experience working with the kids who always gave me a reason to smile. I am indebted to the House of Possibilities for giving me an opportunity to learn and grow experientially which has proven invaluable in my career path." – Maura Amirault (class of 2011)

Best Buddies Program Quote

“At the HOPe House, I have many fun and inspiring friends with IDD, and being the president of our school’s chapter of Best Buddies has allowed me to vocalize my passion for including, respecting, and accepting individuals with disabilities. I hope that by making people with disabilities such a big part of my life, others will see how much they have to offer and also find ways to learn from everything they have to share.” – Lauren Graham, Student, Stonehill College