HOPe’s belief is that individuals living with developmental challenges are lifelong learners and when given the appropriate support and opportunities they can continue to gain social and functional skills beyond any preconceived limitations.  HOPe offers programs that are founded on compassion, encouragement, and support for every individual, and services that enable them to reach their highest potential.

Day Habilitation

House of Possibilities (HOPe) is the only day habilitation program located on a college campus that focuses on social and functional lifestyle enrichment for adults living with developmental challenges. We provide professional adult day programming, five days a week for six hours a day, where adults with developmental disabilities are engaged with their peers and supported across the day by experienced developmental specialists. HOPe provides individuals with services and targets goals in the areas of self-help, sensorimotor, communication, social, independent living, behavior, and affective development. Day Habilitation Service Plans are based on each individual’s unique needs and focus on supporting the individual to increase their skills and acquire greater independence in their functioning.

Day Habilitation Services for individuals with developmental disabilities are funded by MassHealth, and service plans are individualized based on each person’s service needs assessment, parent intake information, professional evaluations in the areas of speech, occupational therapy and physical therapy, and the person’s current medical information. A Day Hab Service Plan is then developed by HOPe’s Interdisciplinary Team in accordance with MassHealth regulations, and individual goals and objectives are developed and targeted on the individual’s identified areas of need for skill acquisition, building, and greater independence.

Community Based Day Support

HOPe’s CBDS program offers adults with developmental disabilities vocational, skill building, community integration, and recreational opportunities for up to 30 hours a week. These services are funded by the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services (DDS) and delivered in accordance with its regulations.

Our professional developmental specialists work with each person to help him/her reach their own individual potential while engaging in community activities that are stimulating and enriching. Our highly qualified staff members support each person to increase and improve their social and functional skills, in accordance with their own Individual Services Plan (ISP) that was developed in partnership with DDS, client’s caregiver(s) and HOPe’s staff. Our partnerships and collaborations with community organizations include: Stonehill College, the YMCA, Elite Fitness, School on Wheels of Massachusetts, Mt. Sinai Hospital and the Natural Resources Trust provide volunteer and job opportunities for individuals to develop and improve the skills necessary for achieving their individualized goals.

“The House of Possibilities has impacted all of our lives positively. By the mere fact that Andrew is a different young man since he came to HOPe. He talks. He is funny. Soon after he came, they got him moving, engaged, and involved in activities. He is just a different person since he started coming here. We are very lucky to have him here.”  – Cindy M
“I feel this program is a state-of-the-art, top notch program geared to the interests of those that attend. I have looked at many places but nothing embodied hope and happiness like the House of Possibilities.” - Bob S