For the Critical Need of Respite

While having a special child has joys that outweigh the hardships, the need for parents to rejuvenate is a necessity. This need can be even more acute for families that are encountering financial challenges.

The House of Possibilities Scholarship for respite is awarded to families with financial need or significant hardship. We need your help providing scholarship to families in critical need. If you would like establish a scholarship for one child, one year, or for any length of time, please contact Christina Harte, Human Resources Director, at 508-205-0555 x25

"The Hope House overnight respite is a blessing to my family and our special son, Nicholas.   The overnight respite gives Nicholas a chance to explore independence away from home and to enjoy quality time and activities with peers. The overnight respite also give me and my husband time to spend together whether it is to go to a movie, dinner or just sit and relax which we normally do not have a chance to do. The staff is friendly, professional and just amazing. I feel comfortable dropping Nicholas off to stay overnight knowing he will be safe and in very good hands. Thank you Hope House!" - Tammy P