Children love to have fun and socialize with their peers, but disabilities can create a challenge for families looking to engage their child in a safe, social environment. HOPe offers the following social programs for children.

Adventure Club

Ages 8-21, Saturday 10:00am - 4:00pm

Adventure Club pairs highly qualified, caring staff with our special children in a rotation of exciting field trips around Eastern Massachusetts.

Adventure Club operates on Saturday from 10:00am to 4:00pm, and is open to children and young adults ages 8-21. Caregivers pay a nominal program fee of $100 for each outing, which includes meals, transportation and any admission fees. 

Some of our recent Adventure Club outings include:

  • Patriots training camp
  • Kimball Farm
  • Museum of Science
  • Boston Duck Boats
  • George’s Island Retreat
  • Frozen on Ice
  • Apple/Pumpkin Picking

Program Fee: $100/night

Brunch Bunch

Ages 12-21, Sunday 11:00am - 1:30pm

Brunch Bunch is an opportunity to learn life skills through cooking a meal while socializing with friends.

Program Fee: $35

“HOPe provides us with much needed respite on the weekends. We feel completely at ease bringing our child to a place where staff are caring and nurturing, and we can truly enjoy our time off. We are so grateful for the services at HOPe.” Mary S. - Parent
“HOPe provides me much needed respite to spend time with my older two children and be able to take them out in the community without feeling the pressure of all my attention on Jacob.” Ilana A - Parent
“Molly love’s to go out and explore! She loves to swim, go out on the boats, waterslides and jump on trampolines.” Lisa B - Parent
“Nobody would take my child – my family, my neighbors. They just couldn’t provide the level of care for my son that he needs. HOPe can and they do. I am thankful to the staff at HOPe for building a place that makes us feel at home.” Susan - Parent