Our impact by where we serve – a strong investment in our community

Since our founding, our strategic focus has been to address unmet community needs. We work collaboratively with state agencies, school systems and other providers to build a stronger community for our most vulnerable citizens.

In 2017, we have provided

Number of hours served for children and adults: 62,000 hours
Number of towns served: 80
Number of participants in multiple programs: 2,500
Number of FREE overnight respites offered: 65 evenings

Since our founding in 2009, we have served

Number of children served over 1,600
Number of hours served for children and adults:  est. over 300,000
Number of participants in multiple programs:  est. over 9,500

Our impact by the numbers – a strong investment in families

We believe respite care is a necessity for the whole family. Because of this belief, we financially invest to ensure that our families are able to access our services by currently offering free weekend respite care and significantly reduced fees for outings and activities.

Since our founding, we have seen tremendous growth in the number of participants in multiple programs.  This fact demonstrates that children are coming to us now for more than one program or service; we are taking care of each child holistically and their families find great benefit with this support.

As a result, our family’s lives are changed.  They are able to recharge and refresh, and in doing so, experience fewer symptoms of depression and anxiety.  Our families report that their family is stronger, happier, and have a better quality of life. They are able to be more present and whole to their children and family, and the family unit as a whole is strengthened.  Because of this, we can say without a doubt that we are changing the paradigm of what support looks like for families.

Our impact by strong stewardship – strong investment in our long-term mission

Our program continues to grow because of the quality of services that we provide. This growth has been made possible by the support we receive from our generous contributors.  HOPe practices strong stewardship by meticulous planning and management of its’ entrusted resources. Because of this strong and prudent stewardship, we have been able to offer relief to our most vulnerable citizens regardless of means.

As a measure of our growth, we use the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR), which is the rate things have grown per year over a certain period. The five year CAGR for our program revenue has been 48%, while the CAGR for our program expenses has only been 28% for the same period.  The CAGR for service hours for our programs since 2011 has been 63%. We continue to rely on support from our donors to bridge the gap between what is required to fund our critically needed respite programs and what families are able to afford.


“Without HOPe, I don’t believe our family would have survived.”
“Your respite has helped me cope and to be a better Mom.  Since my son was born he can never be left alone, I am “on” so much. Sometimes I am afraid I will collapse. The HOPe house provides the time I need to take a breath and think about how I can do this life better.”
“I was very stressed out with very little hope of any help or assistance! HOPe has kept me grounded and has allowed me to keep my daughter at home vs a group home.”
“Caring for my daughter can be so draining emotionally and physically. Having the break allows for a much needed renewal of energy I need to keep me healthy for my son.”
“Having a child with special needs is exhausting emotionally and physically, HOPe is the only place we have found and even have heard of that provides the type of services our family needs and knowing its incredible staff and seeing them with our child in the awesome facility gave us the utmost confidence that our child was happy and being cared for in every way, and that gave us the ability to take time for ourselves and truly enjoy it. You forget how much of life you are missing out on because your whole life revolves around meeting your child's needs, and when you access HOPe for your child and yourself the whole family is better emotionally, physically, and mentally. You owe it to yourself and your child to become part of HOPe and begin living again in ways that you probably don't remember.”
“HOPe is always seeking new ways to effectively serve individuals with disabilities and their families. They look for needs in their local community and strive to meet them. It is a joy to collaborate with the folks at HOPe on their worthy mission.” - Laura Milano Albert - Transition Specialist, Brockton Public Schools