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December 2018

Dear Friend,

The demands of parenthood are considerable, and often can feel overwhelming in an attempt to juggle raising children, fulfilling work responsibilities, maintaining home life, and caring for one’s own well-being. Now imagine adding to that meeting the needs of a child with developmental disabilities. It is a life of constant caregiving that doesn’t end when your child becomes an adult. Though they may be getting older, their needs remain the same and finding the right resources can be more challenging.

House of Possibilities serves children and adults who are working every day to overcome developmental disabilities, and parents and guardians who are the warriors by their sides. We are a unique facility, located on the campus of Stonehill College, providing high-quality programs, such as Overnight Respite, DayHab, Adventure Club, Snack-and-Chat, Friday Night Lights and more. We provide our participants with opportunities to build life skills, connect with the greater community, foster friendships, and create lasting joyous memories, all while providing their caretakers with much-needed relief and rest.

Recognizing the benefits to parents and children of the Overnight Respite program, this fall we piloted a 2-night Overnight Respite option. More oxygen for parents and more fun for children. The positive feedback we received was overwhelming.

“The Girls Extended Overnight Respite meant the world to me as a caregiver. Having an extra night allowed me to really relax and recoup energy. I was able to make plans with friends I hadn't seen in a long time and was able to have time to sleep in on Saturday...a rare thing for me but something I need and enjoy. Having a one night respite is a gift. Having a 2-night respite was the ultimate gift!! Thank you so much for making the 2-night respite happen. I hope to see more of them in the future. When I picked Katie up on Sunday, I was ready to embrace her return and we spent quality time together (playing games) when she got home. I was also able to attend Mass Saturday night and not worry about her possibly using kitchen appliances while I was at church, so that gave me quality time at Mass.” — Eleanor

Families have access to very little, if no funding, to attend our Children’s Programs. As such, House of Possibilities relies on the generosity of our community to keep fees low so that families in need can obtain support without a heavy financial burden. Additionally, many of our adults receive subsidies for our DayHab services, but this does not nearly cover the full cost of running our Adult Programs. Your support in our Annual Appeal immediately impacts our families by allowing us to continue to provide quality programing, and expand our services to reach more families in need.

Please consider a contribution to House of Possibilities and help us in our mission to provide a brighter tomorrow for children and adults living with a disability, and the families that care for them.

Best wishes for a happy holiday season and a happy new year,
Kim Comart, Interim Executive Director

Board of Directors:
Tom Leaver, Chair
Dr. Rafael Castro
Karen Kent
Carmel Shields
John Billingsley
Lauren Hamilton
Rob Reilly
Katie Terino